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system.h File Reference
#include <sys/file.h>
#include "rpmio/rpmutil.h"
#include "misc/fnmatch.h"
#include <dlfcn.h>
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#define dirent   direct
#define NLENGTH(direct)   ((direct)->d_namlen)
#define PATH_MAX   256
#define xmalloc(_size)   rmalloc((_size))
#define xcalloc(_nmemb, _size)   rcalloc((_nmemb), (_size))
#define xrealloc(_ptr, _size)   rrealloc((_ptr), (_size))
#define xstrdup(_str)   rstrdup((_str))
#define _free(_ptr)   rfree((_ptr))
#define __progname   program_name
#define setprogname(pn)
#define _(Text)   Text
#define N_(Text)   Text


char * stpcpy (char *dest, const char *src)
char * stpncpy (char *dest, const char *src, size_t n)


const char * program_name

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _ (   Text)    Text
#define __progname   program_name

Definition at line 96 of file system.h.

Referenced by argerror(), and main().

#define _free (   _ptr)    rfree((_ptr))

Definition at line 87 of file system.h.

Referenced by fill_archive_entry(), main(), and process_package().

#define dirent   direct

Definition at line 54 of file system.h.

#define N_ (   Text)    Text

Definition at line 113 of file system.h.

#define NLENGTH (   direct)    ((direct)->d_namlen)

Definition at line 55 of file system.h.

#define PATH_MAX   256

Definition at line 77 of file system.h.

#define setprogname (   pn)
{ if ((__progname = strrchr(pn, '/')) != NULL) __progname++; \
else __progname = pn; \
#define __progname
Definition: system.h:96

Definition at line 97 of file system.h.

Referenced by main().

#define xcalloc (   _nmemb,
)    rcalloc((_nmemb), (_size))

Definition at line 84 of file system.h.

#define xmalloc (   _size)    rmalloc((_size))

Definition at line 83 of file system.h.

Referenced by main(), and process_package().

#define xrealloc (   _ptr,
)    rrealloc((_ptr), (_size))

Definition at line 85 of file system.h.

Referenced by main().

#define xstrdup (   _str)    rstrdup((_str))

Definition at line 86 of file system.h.

Referenced by buildArgCallback(), and buildForTarget().

Function Documentation

char* stpcpy ( char *  dest,
const char *  src 
char* stpncpy ( char *  dest,
const char *  src,
size_t  n 

Variable Documentation

const char* program_name

Definition at line 4 of file rpm2archive.c.