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Structures and methods for build-time file classification. More...

#include <rpm/rpmtypes.h>
#include <rpm/argv.h>
#include <rpm/rpmspec.h>
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typedef struct rpmfc_s * rpmfc
typedef rpmFlags FCOLOR_t
typedef const struct rpmfcTokens_s * rpmfcToken


enum  FCOLOR_e {
  RPMFC_BLACK = 0, RPMFC_ELF32 = (1 << 0), RPMFC_ELF64 = (1 << 1), RPMFC_ELFMIPSN32 = (1 << 2),
  RPMFC_WHITE = (1 << 29), RPMFC_INCLUDE = (1 << 30), RPMFC_ERROR = (1 << 31)


void rpmfcPrint (const char *msg, rpmfc fc, FILE *fp)
 Print results of file classification. More...
rpmfc rpmfcFree (rpmfc fc)
 Destroy a file classifier. More...
rpmfc rpmfcCreate (const char *rootDir, rpmFlags flags)
 Create a file classifier. More...
RPM_GNUC_DEPRECATED rpmfc rpmfcNew (void)
rpmRC rpmfcClassify (rpmfc fc, ARGV_t argv, rpm_mode_t *fmode)
 Build file class dictionary and mappings. More...
rpmRC rpmfcApply (rpmfc fc)
 Build file/package dependency dictionary and mappings. More...
rpmds rpmfcProvides (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification provides. More...
rpmds rpmfcRequires (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification requires. More...
rpmds rpmfcRecommends (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification recommends. More...
rpmds rpmfcSuggests (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification suggests. More...
rpmds rpmfcSupplements (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification supplements. More...
rpmds rpmfcEnhances (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification enhances. More...
rpmds rpmfcConflicts (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification conflicts. More...
rpmds rpmfcObsoletes (rpmfc fc)
 Retrieve file classification obsoletes. More...
rpmds rpmfcDependencies (rpmfc fc, rpmTagVal tagN)
 Retrieve file classification dependencies. More...


int _rpmfc_debug

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Structures and methods for build-time file classification.

Definition in file rpmfc.h.

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int _rpmfc_debug