rpm File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
build.c [code]
build.h [code]
config.h [code]
debug.h [code]
Doxyheader [code]
macros [code]
rpm2cpio.c [code]
rpmpopt- [code]
rpmqv.c [code]
rpmrc [code]
system.h [code]
build/build.c [code]Top-level build dispatcher
build/buildio.h [code]Routines to read and write packages
build/expression.c [code]Simple logical expression parser
build/files.c [code]The post-build, pre-packaging file tree walk to assemble the package manifest
build/misc.c [code]
build/names.c [code]Simple user/group name/id cache (plus hostname and buildtime)
build/pack.c [code]Assemble components of an RPM package
build/parseBuildInstallClean.c [code]Parse build/install/clean section from spec file
build/parseChangelog.c [code]Parse changelog section from spec file
build/parseDescription.c [code]Parse description section from spec file
build/parseFiles.c [code]Parse files section from spec file
build/parsePreamble.c [code]Parse tags in global section from spec file
build/parsePrep.c [code]Parse prep section from spec file
build/parseReqs.c [code]Parse dependency tag from spec file or from auto-dependency generator
build/parseScript.c [code]Parse install-time script section from spec file
build/parseSpec.c [code]Top level dispatcher for spec file parsing
build/poptBT.c [code]Popt tables for build modes
build/reqprov.c [code]Add dependency tags to package header(s)
build/rpmbuild.h [code]This is the *only* module users of librpmbuild should need to include
build/rpmfc.c [code]
build/rpmfc.h [code]
build/rpmspec.h [code]The Spec and Package data structures used during build
build/spec.c [code]Handle spec data structure
doc/manual/builddependencies [code]
doc/manual/buildroot [code]
doc/manual/conditionalbuilds [code]
doc/manual/dependencies [code]
doc/manual/format [code]
doc/manual/hregions [code]
doc/manual/macros [code]
doc/manual/multiplebuilds [code]
doc/manual/queryformat [code]
doc/manual/relocatable [code]
doc/manual/signatures [code]
doc/manual/spec [code]
doc/manual/triggers [code]
doc/manual/tsort [code]
file/src/apprentice.c [code]
file/src/ascmagic.c [code]
file/src/compress.c [code]
file/src/file.c [code]
file/src/file.h [code]
file/src/fsmagic.c [code]
file/src/names.h [code]
file/src/print.c [code]
file/src/readelf.c [code]
file/src/readelf.h [code]
file/src/softmagic.c [code]
file/src/tar.h [code]
lib/cpio.c [code]Handle cpio payloads within rpm packages
lib/cpio.h [code]Structures used to handle cpio payloads within rpm packages
lib/depends.c [code]
lib/formats.c [code]
lib/fs.c [code]
lib/fsm.c [code]File state machine to handle a payload from a package
lib/fsm.h [code]File state machine to handle a payload within an rpm package
lib/manifest.c [code]
lib/manifest.h [code]Routines to expand a manifest containing glob expressions into an argv list
lib/misc.c [code]
lib/misc.h [code]
lib/package.c [code]
lib/poptALL.c [code]Popt tables for all rpm modes
lib/poptI.c [code]Popt tables for install modes
lib/poptQV.c [code]Popt tables for query/verify modes
lib/psm.c [code]Package state machine to handle a package from a transaction set
lib/psm.h [code]Package state machine to handle a package from a transaction set
lib/query.c [code]Display tag values from package metadata
lib/rpmal.c [code]
lib/rpmal.h [code]Structures used for managing added/available package lists
lib/rpmchecksig.c [code]Verify the signature of a package
lib/rpmcli.h [code]
lib/rpmds.c [code]
lib/rpmds.h [code]Structure(s) used for dependency tag sets
lib/rpmfi.c [code]Routines to handle file info tag sets
lib/rpmfi.h [code]Structure(s) used for file info tag sets
lib/rpmgi.c [code]
lib/rpmgi.h [code]
lib/rpminstall.c [code]
lib/rpmlead.c [code]
lib/rpmlead.h [code]Routines to read and write an rpm lead structure for a a package
lib/rpmlib.h [code]In Memoriam: Steve Taylor <staylor@redhat.com> was here, now he's not
lib/rpmlibprov.c [code]
lib/rpmps.c [code]
lib/rpmps.h [code]Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmps" problem set
lib/rpmrc.c [code]
lib/rpmsx.c [code]
lib/rpmsx.h [code]Structure(s) used for file security context pattern handling
lib/rpmte.c [code]Routine(s) to handle an "rpmte" transaction element
lib/rpmte.h [code]Structures used for an "rpmte" transaction element
lib/rpmts.c [code]Routine(s) to handle a "rpmts" transaction sets
lib/rpmts.h [code]Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmts" transaction set
lib/rpmvercmp.c [code]
lib/signature.c [code]
lib/signature.h [code]Generate and verify signatures
lib/stringbuf.c [code]
lib/stringbuf.h [code]
lib/transaction.c [code]
lib/verify.c [code]Verify installed payload files from package metadata
lua/lapi.c [code]
lua/lapi.h [code]
lua/lcode.c [code]
lua/lcode.h [code]
lua/ldebug.c [code]
lua/ldebug.h [code]
lua/ldo.c [code]
lua/ldo.h [code]
lua/ldump.c [code]
lua/lfunc.c [code]
lua/lfunc.h [code]
lua/lgc.c [code]
lua/lgc.h [code]
lua/llex.c [code]
lua/llex.h [code]
lua/llimits.h [code]
lua/lmem.c [code]
lua/lmem.h [code]
lua/lobject.c [code]
lua/lobject.h [code]
lua/lopcodes.c [code]
lua/lopcodes.h [code]
lua/lparser.c [code]
lua/lparser.h [code]
lua/lstate.c [code]
lua/lstate.h [code]
lua/lstring.c [code]
lua/lstring.h [code]
lua/ltable.c [code]
lua/ltable.h [code]
lua/ltests.c [code]
lua/ltm.c [code]
lua/ltm.h [code]
lua/lundump.c [code]
lua/lundump.h [code]
lua/lvm.c [code]
lua/lvm.h [code]
lua/lzio.c [code]
lua/lzio.h [code]
python/header-py.c [code]
python/header-py.h [code]
python/rpmal-py.c [code]
python/rpmal-py.h [code]
python/rpmdb-py.c [code]
python/rpmdb-py.h [code]
python/rpmds-py.c [code]
python/rpmds-py.h [code]
python/rpmfd-py.c [code]
python/rpmfd-py.h [code]
python/rpmfi-py.c [code]
python/rpmfi-py.h [code]
python/rpmfts-py.c [code]
python/rpmfts-py.h [code]
python/rpmmi-py.c [code]
python/rpmmi-py.h [code]
python/rpmmodule.c [code]
python/rpmrc-py.c [code]
python/rpmrc-py.h [code]
python/rpmte-py.c [code]
python/rpmte-py.h [code]
python/rpmts-py.c [code]
python/rpmts-py.h [code]
rpmdb/db3.c [code]
rpmdb/dbconfig.c [code]
rpmdb/fprint.c [code]
rpmdb/fprint.h [code]Identify a file name path by a unique "finger print"
rpmdb/hdrinline.h [code]
rpmdb/hdrNVR.c [code]
rpmdb/header.c [code]
rpmdb/header.h [code]An rpm header carries all information about a package
rpmdb/header_internal.c [code]
rpmdb/header_internal.h [code]
rpmdb/legacy.c [code]
rpmdb/legacy.h [code]
rpmdb/merge.c [code]
rpmdb/poptDB.c [code]Popt tables for database modes
rpmdb/rpmdb.c [code]
rpmdb/rpmdb.h [code]Access RPM indices using Berkeley DB interface(s)
rpmdb/rpmhash.c [code]Hash table implemenation
rpmdb/rpmhash.h [code]Hash table implemenation
rpmdb/tagname.c [code]
rpmdb/tagtbl.c [code]
rpmio/argv.c [code]
rpmio/argv.h [code]
rpmio/digest.c [code]
rpmio/fts.c [code]
rpmio/fts.h [code]
rpmio/macro.c [code]
rpmio/rpmerr.h [code]
rpmio/rpmio.c [code]
rpmio/rpmio.h [code]
rpmio/rpmio_internal.h [code]
rpmio/rpmlog.c [code]
rpmio/rpmlog.h [code]Yet Another syslog(3) API clone
rpmio/rpmmacro.h [code]
rpmio/rpmmalloc.c [code]
rpmio/rpmmessages.h [code]
rpmio/rpmpgp.c [code]Routines to handle RFC-2440 detached signatures
rpmio/rpmpgp.h [code]OpenPGP constants and structures from RFC-2440
rpmio/rpmrpc.c [code]
rpmio/rpmsq.c [code]
rpmio/rpmsq.h [code]
rpmio/rpmsw.c [code]
rpmio/rpmsw.h [code]
rpmio/rpmurl.h [code]
rpmio/strcasecmp.c [code]
rpmio/stubs.c [code]
rpmio/ugid.c [code]
rpmio/ugid.h [code]
rpmio/url.c [code]
tools/dumpdb.c [code]
tools/javadeps.c [code]
tools/rpmcache.c [code]
tools/rpmdeps.c [code]
tools/rpmgraph.c [code]
tools/rpminject.c [code]
tools/rpmtool.c [code]
tools/rpmxml.c [code]
tools/rpmxp.c [code]

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