File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
argv.h [code]
build.c [code]
build.h [code]
config.h [code]
debug.h [code]
Doxyheader [code]
header.h [code]An rpm header carries all information about a package
rpm2cpio.c [code]
rpmal.h [code]Structures used for managing added/available package lists
rpmbuild.h [code]This is the *only* module users of librpmbuild should need to include
rpmcallback.h [code]
rpmcli.h [code]
rpmdb.h [code]Access RPM indices using Berkeley DB interface(s)
rpmds.h [code]Structure(s) used for dependency tag sets
rpmfc.h [code]Structures and methods for build-time file classification
rpmfi.h [code]Structure(s) used for file info tag sets
rpmfileutil.h [code]File and path manipulation helper functions
rpmgi.h [code]
rpmio.h [code]
rpmkeyring.h [code]
rpmlegacy.h [code]
rpmlib.h [code]In Memoriam: Steve Taylor <> was here, now he's not
rpmlog.h [code]Yet Another syslog(3) API clone
rpmmacro.h [code]
rpmpgp.h [code]OpenPGP constants and structures from RFC-2440
rpmps.h [code]Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmps" problem set
rpmqv.c [code]
rpmspec.h [code]The rpmSpec and Package data structures used during build
rpmsq.h [code]
rpmstring.h [code]String manipulation helper functions
rpmsw.h [code]
rpmtag.h [code]
rpmtd.h [code]
rpmte.h [code]Structures used for an "rpmte" transaction element
rpmts.h [code]Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmts" transaction set
rpmtypes.h [code]Typedefs for RPM abstract data types
rpmurl.h [code]
rpmutil.h [code]
rpmvf.h [code]
system.h [code]

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