debug.h File Reference
#include <assert.h>
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 To be included after all other includes.
#define RPMDBG_TOSTR_ARG(a)   #a
#define RPMDBG()   "at: " __FILE__ ":" RPMDBG_TOSTR (__LINE__)
#define RPMDBG_M_DEBUG(msg)   msg " " RPMDBG()
#define RPMDBG_M_NODEBUG(msg)   NULL
#define RPMDBG_M(msg)   RPMDBG_M_DEBUG(msg)

Define Documentation

#define RPMDBG ( )    "at: " __FILE__ ":" RPMDBG_TOSTR (__LINE__)

Definition at line 16 of file debug.h.

#define RPMDBG_M (   msg)    RPMDBG_M_DEBUG(msg)

Definition at line 20 of file debug.h.

#define RPMDBG_M_DEBUG (   msg)    msg " " RPMDBG()

Definition at line 17 of file debug.h.

#define RPMDBG_M_NODEBUG (   msg)    NULL

Definition at line 18 of file debug.h.

#define RPMDBG_TOSTR (   a)    RPMDBG_TOSTR_ARG(a)

To be included after all other includes.

Definition at line 13 of file debug.h.

#define RPMDBG_TOSTR_ARG (   a)    #a

Definition at line 14 of file debug.h.