rpmkeyring.h File Reference
#include <rpm/rpmtypes.h>
#include <rpm/rpmpgp.h>
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rpmKeyring rpmKeyringNew (void)
 Create a new, empty keyring.
rpmKeyring rpmKeyringFree (rpmKeyring keyring)
 Free keyring and the keys within it.
int rpmKeyringAddKey (rpmKeyring keyring, rpmPubkey key)
 Add a public key to keyring.
rpmRC rpmKeyringLookup (rpmKeyring keyring, pgpDig sig)
 Perform keyring lookup for a key matching a signature.
rpmKeyring rpmKeyringLink (rpmKeyring keyring)
 Reference a keyring.
rpmPubkey rpmPubkeyNew (const uint8_t *pkt, size_t pktlen)
 Create a new rpmPubkey from OpenPGP packet.
rpmPubkey rpmPubkeyRead (const char *filename)
 Create a new rpmPubkey from ASCII-armored pubkey file.
rpmPubkey rpmPubkeyFree (rpmPubkey key)
 Free a pubkey.
rpmPubkey rpmPubkeyLink (rpmPubkey key)
 Reference a pubkey.
pgpDig rpmPubkeyDig (rpmPubkey key)
 Parse OpenPGP pubkey parameters.
char * rpmPubkeyBase64 (rpmPubkey key)
 Return base64 encoding of pubkey.

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