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rpmmacro.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <rpm/rpmutil.h>
#include <rpm/rpmfileutil.h>
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#define RMIL_DEFAULT   -15
 Markers for sources of macros added throughout rpm.
#define RMIL_MACROFILES   -13
#define RMIL_RPMRC   -11
#define RMIL_CMDLINE   -7
#define RMIL_TARBALL   -5
#define RMIL_SPEC   -3
#define RMIL_OLDSPEC   -1
#define RMIL_GLOBAL   0


typedef struct rpmMacroEntry_s * rpmMacroEntry
typedef struct rpmMacroContext_s * rpmMacroContext


void rpmDumpMacroTable (rpmMacroContext mc, FILE *fp)
 Print macros to file stream.
int expandMacros (void *spec, rpmMacroContext mc, char *sbuf, size_t slen)
 Expand macro into buffer.
void addMacro (rpmMacroContext mc, const char *n, const char *o, const char *b, int level)
 Add macro to context.
void delMacro (rpmMacroContext mc, const char *n)
 Delete macro from context.
int rpmDefineMacro (rpmMacroContext mc, const char *macro, int level)
 Define macro in context.
void rpmLoadMacros (rpmMacroContext mc, int level)
 Load macros from specific context into global context.
int rpmLoadMacroFile (rpmMacroContext mc, const char *fn)
 Load macro context from a macro file.
void rpmInitMacros (rpmMacroContext mc, const char *macrofiles)
 Initialize macro context from set of macrofile(s).
void rpmFreeMacros (rpmMacroContext mc)
 Destroy macro context.
char * rpmExpand (const char *arg,...) RPM_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
 Return (malloc'ed) concatenated macro expansion(s).
int rpmExpandNumeric (const char *arg)
 Return macro expansion as a numeric value.
const char * rpmConfigDir (void)
 Return rpm configuration base directory.


rpmMacroContext rpmGlobalMacroContext
rpmMacroContext rpmCLIMacroContext
const char * macrofiles
 List of macro files to read when configuring rpm.

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Definition in file rpmmacro.h.

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#define RMIL_CMDLINE   -7

Definition at line 40 of file rpmmacro.h.

#define RMIL_DEFAULT   -15

Markers for sources of macros added throughout rpm.

Definition at line 36 of file rpmmacro.h.

#define RMIL_GLOBAL   0

Definition at line 44 of file rpmmacro.h.

#define RMIL_MACROFILES   -13

Definition at line 37 of file rpmmacro.h.

#define RMIL_OLDSPEC   -1

Definition at line 43 of file rpmmacro.h.

#define RMIL_RPMRC   -11

Definition at line 38 of file rpmmacro.h.

#define RMIL_SPEC   -3

Definition at line 42 of file rpmmacro.h.

#define RMIL_TARBALL   -5

Definition at line 41 of file rpmmacro.h.

Referenced by buildForTarget().

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typedef struct rpmMacroContext_s* rpmMacroContext

Definition at line 20 of file rpmmacro.h.

typedef struct rpmMacroEntry_s* rpmMacroEntry

Definition at line 18 of file rpmmacro.h.

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