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rpmps.h File Reference

Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmps" problem set. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <rpm/rpmtypes.h>
#include <rpm/rpmprob.h>
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typedef struct rpmpsi_s * rpmpsi
 Problem set iterator.


rpmps rpmpsLink (rpmps ps)
 Reference a problem set instance.
int rpmpsNumProblems (rpmps ps)
 Return number of problems in set.
rpmpsi rpmpsInitIterator (rpmps ps)
 Initialize problem set iterator.
rpmpsi rpmpsFreeIterator (rpmpsi psi)
 Destroy problem set iterator.
rpmProblem rpmpsiNext (rpmpsi psi)
 Return next problem from iterator.
int rpmpsNextIterator (rpmpsi psi)
 Return next problem set iterator index.
rpmProblem rpmpsGetProblem (rpmpsi psi)
 Return current problem from problem set.
rpmps rpmpsCreate (void)
 Create a problem set.
rpmps rpmpsFree (rpmps ps)
 Destroy a problem set.
void rpmpsPrint (FILE *fp, rpmps ps)
 Print problems to file handle.
void rpmpsAppendProblem (rpmps ps, rpmProblem prob)
 Append a problem to current set of problems.
int rpmpsMerge (rpmps dest, rpmps src)
 Merge problem set into another.

Detailed Description

Structures and prototypes used for an "rpmps" problem set.

Definition in file rpmps.h.