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rpmsq.h File Reference
#include <rpm/rpmsw.h>
#include <signal.h>
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typedef struct rpmsig_s * rpmsig
typedef struct rpmsqElem * rpmsq
typedef void(* rpmsqAction_t )(int signum)
 Default signal handler prototype.


int rpmsqIsCaught (int signum)
 Test if given signal has been caught (while signals blocked).
void rpmsqAction (int signum)
 Default signal handler.
int rpmsqEnable (int signum, rpmsqAction_t handler)
 Enable or disable a signal handler.
pid_t rpmsqFork (rpmsq sq)
 Fork a child process.
pid_t rpmsqWait (rpmsq sq)
 Wait for child process to be reaped.

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