Data Fields
pgpPktSigV4_s Struct Reference

5.2.3. More...

#include <rpmpgp.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t version
uint8_t sigtype
uint8_t pubkey_algo
uint8_t hash_algo
uint8_t hashlen [2]

Detailed Description


Version 4 Signature Packet Format

The body of a version 4 Signature Packet contains:

Field Documentation

hash algorithm.

Definition at line 326 of file rpmpgp.h.

length of following hashed material.

Definition at line 327 of file rpmpgp.h.

public key algorithm.

Definition at line 325 of file rpmpgp.h.

signature type.

Definition at line 324 of file rpmpgp.h.

version number (4).

Definition at line 323 of file rpmpgp.h.

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